Is Remodeling An Investment

The simpler answer is yes! Whether you consider it to be an investment for your own family’s pleasure or a necessary expense in order to increase your property’s selling price and your return on investment, remodeling your place is certainly a venture you will consider at some point in your life. Remodeling is in fact an excellent way to improve, create, or introduce a feature into any room or garden area and considerably enhance your current living arrangements.

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Think Long Term When Investing in an IPO

When increasing your diversity concerning your stocks portfolio many options look very appealing. However, as any astute investor knows, one must be ever vigilant when if comes to where to trust your hard earned money. Initial public offerings can be an exciting lure, so it is wise to pay close attention to any IPO prospectus you may find. The key idea is to always think long term when investing in an IPO.

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Investing in China – The Banking Sector

China’s banking sector has traditionally served as a party-controlled feeding trough for its inefficient, unprofitable state-owned enterprises (SOEs), most of which were technically insolvent. The process was simple – extend a loan to an unqualified SOE applicant, then write off the loan as a bad debt when it failed to repay. This situation is beginning to change, and Chinese banks are attracting the attention of foreign banks that are beginning to view them as investment opportunities rather than potential competitors. Nevertheless, China’s banking industry is beset by several problems.

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